We abbreviate the names on the testimonials we receive in order to protect the privacy of our clientele. Sufficed to say, they're all real. Click a name to view the respective testimonial.

There are many people here who have less pain and much better lives, thanks to your wonderful staff!


The strain Patience has been the absolute best for sleep aids.  I do not recall sleeping so well and waking as refreshed.  Thank you!


Just wanted to let you now that I am very pleased with both product and service.  Thank you!


You guys have great bud and great customer service, better than any other compassion club I have dealt with so far, I will be sticking soley to you guys from here on out.  I am extremely impressed.


I've been to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup and your product rivals anything I've had there.


Great service and excellent quality at a fair price.


I'm surprised at how fast you got the package to me and with my limited mobility,  I was happy you shipped it to my door.  Great service, GREAT product!!


It's great the way you packaged your products.  I was sceptical at first buying online but I'm glad I made the purchase.  Your products are of the highest quality.  I would recommend you to anyone.


Thank you for your support in helping others.  You guys rock!


My Kind of Meds got the product to me really quick and the packaging is great.   Great product too, love that Hindu Kush.  Thanks.  I'll be buying from you again.


I plan on standing by your side and remaining a client in the future.

You guys have taken great care of me and provided me with exceptional meds.

I can't express my gratitude,  Thank you


Great packaging job and fantastic product.  Glad I signed up.


I've recently signed up and received my first order. Just wanted to say Thank You for having this service available!

Your products, that I ordered, are very good quality!

I will definitely be ordering again (and again!).

The hash is done the traditional way and it shows.

Thanks again,


Quality is, bar none, the best I've seen in years.  Your outdoor just kicks it for pain relief and appetite stimulation.  I'll be back.


Thank you for having the Highland Skunk, that strain is amazing and it is helping me.

The price is perfect for me, very affordable.

Please thank the grower of the medicine for me if you can.

It's 100% best outdoor I have EVER came across!


I feel relieved knowing that your out there where I can get my medicine that's great quality and I don't have to deal with "dealers".  Your doing us a great service.  I'm soooo glad I signed up.


Thank you once again, all is well, keep up the awesome work!


Your Golden Ganga Grease is mint....I'll never use polysporin again.  Yet another amazing use for cannabis!!


Throughout my life I required cannabis products to maintain a healthy life; I was introduced to My Kind of Meds years back. What have their products done for me? Relieve of pain, swelling, internal dysfunctions , sleepless nights, spasms and my list goes on, oh yeah walk sometimes without my cane. Now after many years I'm still Cancer free ( 14 years) and creatively making bi-products and using the cannabis medicine required by my body.
In writing this I'm encouraging the doors to open for others and loved ones, so they do not suffer as I did.
My body, my joy of choice and My Kind of Meds.


We appreciate all you are doing to help people like us.  Thank you for caring so much.