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A jar of golden cannabis oil
The new trend in cannabis consumption. A bit of an exaggeration. Eating pot has been around for a long time; just not with the sophistication we are seeing today, and we're liking the new trend!
With the arrival of spring, many marijuana farmers are gearing up for sowing cannabis seeds for the fall harvest. If you grow indoor you're not as pressured to get things rolling in the spring because you're able to grow year round.  Outdoor growers, on the other hand, planing their strategy at this time of year.
Is there a difference? When talking about the cultivation of the marijuana plant, invariably the conversation involves the types of growing. There are two main schools of cultivation:  Plants grown in soil, also known as bio, and plants grown without soil, known as hydroponics. As with all things, there are pro and cons to each style.  Here's some basics.
Cooking with Cannabis
The versatility of the marijuana plant is extraordinary. The multitude of choices we have to consume cannabis is only tethered by your imagination.  I touched on the subject of eating cannabis as a method of consumption a couple of weeks ago during a segment on edibles and want to expand the topic. There is some prep work involved.