A word to Health Care Professionals

MyCannaMeds appreciates the medical professionals who take the time to understand the needs of our clientele.

Patients with MS, spinal cord damage, disk disease, arthritis, etc. experience and use CBD and cannabis to help mainly with pain control and muscle spasms. Epileptic patients have experienced improved quality of life with the use of cannabis and cannabis derivitives.  Cannabis promotes healing rest for patients recovering from illness or injury and that, in turn, is good for the emotional health of patients dealing with bodily stress.  Mind, body, spirit.  

Other patients including those with Hep B/C, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, parkinson's, muscular dystrophy have reported improved quality of life using cannabis. This is a partial list.  Medical marijuana is not known for interferring with a patient's currently prescribed drug therapy, however it is not recommended for persons on hypertensive meds or vasodiators as marijuana use can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. 

It is always best to start at a low dose CBD.  If the patient tolerates it well then an increase may be considered.  CBD acts as a buffer to THC so increasing both at the same time will produce a sedative effect.  Depending on the patient, many times they do better on edibles.  There's a lot to consider.

But be assured, if your patients plan on using MyCannaMeds as their supplier are getting organically grown cannabis that's never been sprayed with insecticides, fungicides or anything else.  Your patients receives top quality chemical free cannabis and cannabis products grown with care.

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